Additional Teaching Resources

Research, Research Systems and Funding Opportunity Management

Ph.D. students will learn how to develop the most correct approach to research, by means of:

  • Didactics aiming at the correct and optimal use of online libraries and available databases;
  • Participation in refresher courses in EU project training and management;
  • Specific learning regarding national and international research funding.


Students are required to master at least one foreign language other than Italian in order to enter our Ph.D. programme.
Foreign languages are the main disciplines of our Linguistic Studies programme and they are essential tools for Ph.D. students enrolled in our Literary Studies and Historical Studies programmes, in order for them to read, understand and analyse documents and sources.
Students with poor mastery of English can benefit from language courses provided by the University Language Centre (CLA), which covers all costs up to the most advanced levels.

Information Technology

Students will work on software for writing, database filing, drafting tables and presentations;
Natural Language Processing (NLP): analysis, synthesis and identification of sounds; methods for transcription and automatic annotation in corpus linguistics;
Use and management of linguistic corpora;
Basic notions of website creation and management, and online publishing.

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