Each course is worth a certain number of credits (ECT) which are earned by means of your participation in different teaching activities (see rules and regulations). A total number of 180 credits must be reached: 80 credits within the 1st year, 60 credits within the 2nd year, 40 credits within the 3rd year. Therefore, the activities need to be carefully recorded on specific attendance registers and signed by the students’ first or second supervisor. Registers are available on this page and can be downloaded below.
As for the activities which are not among our DOLLS educational options, you are required to provide proof of the activities (certificates of conference/seminar/lesson attendance, co-tutor’s statements or else).

Attendance register
1st year
Attendance register
2nd year
Attendance register
3rd year

At the end of each academic year and before the admission to the following one, or to the final viva for students in their 3rd year, all Ph.D. students are required to send their registers to professor Agnese Silvestri (, who is responsible for evaluating them and verifying students’ credits.

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