Programme Assessment

Ph.D. candidates in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies should evaluate all activities and initiatives which are organised in their courses. To do so, a specific assessment system has been created, which is targeted to enhance the interaction between our academic staff and students, in terms of research themes, methods and objectives.
By doing this, our Doctorate Board will be able to evaluate, verify and, wherever possible, reconsider teaching activities within the Ph.D. programme. At the end of each activity, the Ph.D. students will be asked to fill in a questionnaire survey provided by our teaching staff. The questionnaire is divided into two parts: the first one (Q1-Q4) concerns the assessment of the activity itself, while the second one (Q5-Q9) deals with the evaluation of the scholar.

Assessment is anonymous and is based on a 1-to-4 scale for each question, as specified below:

1 (insufficient)
2 (sufficient)
3 (good)
4 (excellent)

Each scholar who delivers a lecture/activity will have to ensure that this procedure is completed, so that data can be collected and stored by Professor Polese Remaggi ( After an agreement between the Ph.D. coordinator and the Board is reached, results will be submitted for a general annual assessment of the Ph.D. degree’s activities.

download the questionnaire
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