Historical Studies

History of Contemporary Civil Wars
History of Southern Italy (Mezzogiorno)
History of the Atlantic Revolutions
History of Monarchic Institutions in the Bourbon Period
History of Military Institutions

History of the Italian Political System
Comparative History of Intellectuals and Political Ideas
Mentality, Imaginary and Media Representations in Italy: from World War I to the Present Day
History and Cinema
History of Theatre
The Filmic Representation of Naples and Campania from its Origins to the Present
The Risorgimento and Resistance in Italian Cinema
The Cultural Cold War
The Image of Southern Italy in Documentaries
Myth and Image of the U.S. in Italy from Fascism to the First Republic
Radio, Cinema and Theatre in Italy Under Fascism

History of Élites: Aristocracy and Patricians
History of Institutions and Economics
History of Religious Institutions
History of Uprisings and Revolutions in the Old Regime
History of the Relations Between Centre and Periphery in Modern Times
History of the Inquisition, Reformation and Counter-Reformation
History of the Relations Between the State and the Church
History of Cities: Urban Functions, Places and Forms of Power
Geography and Historical and Contemporary Cartography
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