Linguistics Study

General Linguistics

Spoken Data Analysis and Investigations into Communicative and Interactional Dynamics, also from a (Intra- and Inter-Linguistic) Comparative Perspective
Discourse Analysis
Morphology; Word Formation; Lexical Structure and Stratification. Semantics and Pragmatics
Diachrony in Romance Languages
Corpus Linguistics
Educational Linguistics

English Language and Linguistics

Corpus Linguistics
Semantics and Pragmatics
Discourse Analysis
Morphology (Word Formation)
Translation Studies
Language Acquisition and Learning of English L2

Specific Domains:

Variationist Linguistics (Diatopic, Diastratic, Diamesic, Diaphasic Varieties of English)
Contact Languages
Language Diversity
Gender Issues
English and New Media
English for Special Purposes (ESP)

Spanish Language and Linguistics

Spanish Linguistics
Contrastive Linguistics Between Spanish and Italian
Didactics of Spanish L2:
Error Analysis in an L2
The Role of Metalinguistic Thinking in L2
The Relationship Between Metalinguistic Thinking and Linguistic Theories in L2
The Description of Grammatical and Pragmatic Competence in L2

German Language and Linguistics

Contrastive Linguistics
Spoken German and Conversation Analysis
Cognitive Linguistics
Textual Linguistics
Didactics of German as a Foreign Language
Corpus Linguistics
Translation Theories
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