Literary Studies

French Literature

Transformations of Form and Poetry in Literary Genres (17th– 20th Centuries)
Relationships Between Literature, History, Society, and Ideology
Literature and Engagement, the Role of Intellectuals
Rhetorical and Stylistic Analysis
Authorial and Textual Philology
Women’s Writing
The History of Theatre; the Evolution of Drama and Performing Arts (17th– 20th Centuries)
Francophone Literature in the Belgian Area
The History of Books and Publishing Houses in France
Translation Studies and the History of Translation

Italian Literature

Italian Poetry from Dante to the Cinquecento (1500s)
Comments to Dante and Petrarca During Humanism and Renaissance
Letter Writing and Epistolary Practices in the 1500s and 1700s: Issues in Textual Criticism and Hermeneutics
Southern Italian and Dialectal Literature from Humanism to the 1700s
Poetry, Epos, Tragedy in the 1600s and Early 1700s
Circulation of Ideas in Southern Italian Enlightenment in the 18th Century
Autobiography between the 18th and the 19th Centuries
The Novel in the 19th Century
Post-Unity and 20th-Century Literature
Literature in Cinema between the End of the 19th and the End of the 20th Centuries
The Myth of Literature in the 20th Century
The Relationship between Literature and Visual Arts
Photography in The Modern Italian Literature
Characters in 20th -Century Novels: Roles and Functions
The Revival of Myth and its Relationship with Visual Arts in 20th Century Literature
Critical Methodologies and Textual Criticism in the Modern Period

English and Anglo-American Literature

Visual Culture
Sensation Novel
Medicine and Literature
Mass Culture / Élite Culture
Literature Didactics
Neo-Victorian Studies
Women’s Contemporary Intercultural Autobiography in the U.S. and Canada
Literary Geography
Women’s Narrative and Contemporary Canadian Poetry
Modernist and Post-Modernist Women’s Writing
Gender Studies

German Literature

The Study of Classical-Romantic Poetry
20th-Century Literature
Textual Criticism
Intermediality and Intertextuality
Literature of Exile and Migration
Literature and Other Fields of Knowledge
Literature Didactics

Spanish Literature

Theatre in Spain’s “Siglo De Oro”
Theatrical Criticism Within the Baroque Play; Textual Criticism
Intertextual Relationships Between Spanish and Italian Literature
Medieval Spanish Literature
Relationships Between Poetry and Theatre

Romance Philology

French and Occitan Studies
Medieval Romance Narrative – French and Italian Short Stories, Long Occitan Narrative, Intertextuality
Textual Criticism
Medieval Francophone Literature – Neapolitan French
Medieval Romance Linguistics
Digital Philology

Hispano-American Literatures

Historical Novel
Witness Literature
Journey and Intellectual Migration in Contemporary Hispano-American Literature
Literature of the Spanish Republican Exile
Gabriela Mistral
Literature of Violence in Colombia
Font Resize