Study Programmes

Our Ph.D. in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies (henceforth DoLLS) is offered by the Department of Humanities (Dipsum). Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature, Dipsum offers educational paths promoting a high level of collaboration among disciplines in the fields of linguistics, literature and history.
Our academic Board includes members of the Department of Humanities and other departments at the University of Salerno as well as colleagues from other Italian and foreign universities, with whom we hold relationships at both scientific and teaching levels.
Our four study programmes (curricula) aim at providing specific skills and cross-disciplinary research methodologies.

Literary Studies
The study programme in Literary Studies offers specialised and interdisciplinary learning related to European and American literatures, from the medieval to the contemporary time. Special attention is paid to the role of literature within social contexts and relationships with all forms of artistic expressions.

Linguistic Studies
The study programme in Linguistic Studies offers in-depth learning in linguistic theories, data analysis, language didactics, applied linguistics and translation. This is set within a framework of general and comparative analysis while being also oriented towards the study of English, Spanish and German.

Historical Studies
The study programme in Historical Studies (both modern and contemporary) offers in-depth learning in political, cultural, religious, social and economic history. The programme aims to develop historical and territorial processes within their structural dynamics and evolution, and with reference to manifold research methodologies and sources.

International Studies 
The international study programme in modern and contemporary literary and historical studies is run together with the universities of Paderborn (Germany), Puebla (Mexico) and Javeriana (Colombia). It aims at training scholars and researchers, who will be able to use and combine their literary competence with historical methods within a European and global framework.

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