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23-25/10/19-1820. Global Revolution.

1820-21 Global revolution
Seminary on the ongoing research
Salerno-Napoli, 23- 25 ottobre 2019

The proximity of the Bicentennial of the liberal revolutions of Cadiz and Naples (1820) and of the connected extension of the crisis to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, gives the opportunity for an initial assessment of ongoing research and historiographical perspectives related to this topic. It was a global crisis, which played a major role in the origins of the contemporary world. The new questions formulated by the political, institutional and cultural historiography open a profitable space for research innovation, which is the main objective of this open seminar.

Aula Imbucci, University of Salerno
14:00-18:00 First session

Aula Imbucci, University of Salerno
09:00-18:00 Second session

University of Naples Federico II
09:00-13:00 Conclusions

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24/10/19-The concept of public literature

Through the analysis of corpus of texts by Balzac, Maupassant and Zola, this conference discusses the notion of “public literature” from the critical point of view of gender studies and press studies.
Frequently used by 19th Century’s authors and critics, the metaphor of “literary prostitution” allows a representation of the writer dealing with the commercialization and democratisation of literary works.
The prostitute-writer, paid by the director of a given periodical, reaches new domains where he gains an absolute power and becomes a meta-poetic figure, the double of a writer hoping to reach to an increasingly bigger reading public.

Eléonore Reverzy

Eléonore Reverzy is full professor of French Literature at Paris 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle.
Her main fields of research are 19th century’s French literature, with a particular focus on the novel, the relationship between literature and politics and the role of literature in social discourses.
Among her books we may remember: Mort d’Éros. La mésalliance dans le roman français du second XIXe siècle, SEDES, 1997 ; La Chair de l’idée. Poétique de l’allégorie dans Les Rougon-Macquart, Droz 2007; Portrait de l’artiste en fille de joie. La Littérature publique, CNRS, 2016.
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07/05/19-A new edition of the ‘De re uxoria’ by Francesco Barbaro

Biblioteca Dipsum, Edificio D3, III piano

Prof. Claudio Griggio
Università di Udine

Prof. Sebastiano Martelli
Università degli Studi di Salerno


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23/03/19-The project concerning the sacred aspects of the Italian literature is now concluded

Biblioteca di Studi Letterari e Linguistici

Tiziana Piras
Università di Trieste

Rosa Giulio

The publication of the volume La Bibbia nella letteratura italiana. VI. Dalla Controriforma all’Età napoleonica, Brescia, Morcelliana, edited by me, has concluded the twenty year-long project about the sacred aspects of the Italian literature coordinated by Piero Gibellini. I joined in that research since its beginning with the study of the classical myth in the literature (6 volumes), investigating the connections between Montale’s poetry and the classical myth, and with the study of the sacred Scriptures (6 volumes), deepening the interpretation that Leopardi made of the Bible.


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27/03/19-Atlantic Revolutions

12:00-14:00, Sala CIRC

Prof.ssa. Andrea Cadelo
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana/Colombia

This research explores nation-building in Latin America with a focus on the interplay between race and environment. By tracing connections between national and geo-graphical narratives, it seeks to make a contribution towards a better understanding of the ways in which conceptualisations of geography in Latin America have informed and often overlapped with theories and practices of race. The four articles reach two interconnected conclusions. Firstly, they show the multiple links between cultural, environmental and biological racism, enlarging and deepening our understanding ofthe idea of race and the extent of its performative value for discourses on the nation. In postcolonial Latin America, this process was marked by hybrid intellectual traditions resulting from crossings of people and ideas within the region and with Europe. Secondly, they unearth the tensions between homogeneity and heterogeneity in LatinAmerican nation-building by honing in on narratives of mestizaje. The contributions tothis issue lie at the intersection of a number of elds: cultural and social history, intellectual history, politics and international relations, historical geography, travel writing and environmental history. They span a period from the middle of the nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century, while covering a wide and diverse geographical and regional range including Honduras and Central America, Colombia, the Brazilian Amazon and Argentina.


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Coinvolgersi nella Storia dell’altro: forme letterarie e pratiche militanti dell’implicazione (Francia e Italia, XIX-XX sec.)

Le forme dell’impegno di scrittori e militanti, francesi e italiani, di fronte a crisi storico-sociali della nazione vicina ………….

Concepito in una prospettiva interdisciplinare che convoca sapere letterario e sapere storico, il presente ciclo di seminari intende riflettere sulle forme che ha preso l’impegno di scrittori, uomini politici, militanti francesi e italiani, ciascuno per le crisi storiche e sociali della nazione vicina. Quali ragioni spingono a prendere parte alle battaglie politiche dell’«altro», ai suoi dibattiti ideologici? È possibile rinvenire la difesa di uno spazio europeo, comune, di  valori?  Motivazioni personali, persino opportuniste, hanno forse la meglio? Quali strategie si mettono in atto? Quali reti di relazioni si creano? Incrociare lo sguardo del letterato con quello dello storico può aiutare a chiarire motivazioni, forme e conseguenze di una partecipazione intellettuale e attiva nei momenti di riconfigurazione politico-sociale della nazione al di là delle Alpi.

«Alexandre Dumas, acteur et écrivain de la liberté italienne»*
Julie Anselmini (Université de Caen-Normandie)

Sede: Biblioteca di Studi Letterari e linguistici

*I seminari con argomento letterario coinvolgono anche studentesse e studenti dei corsi magistrali di Letteratura francese.
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